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Meeting Morrissey 01/26/2002
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My sister Elizabet was in Los Angeles for my birthday and I had already planned to take her to East LA to El Pino since she was a fan of the movie Blood In Blood Out. I actually had that movie borrowed from her until the day before I moved to California so I knew she would enjoy it. She actually cried there on the hill overlooking East Los Angeles. After that, I drove toward Hollywood & ended up at Griffith Park. We drove up to the Observatory & were there for a while, taking pictures & such. We drove down again & ended up very near Morrissey's house.

One thing you should know right now is that my sister is a huge Johnny Depp fan. He is like her ultimate man. I am sure all of you have heard the rumors about how Johnny Depp lives next door to Morrissey, right? Well, I never know if I turn the right way on the main street he lives off of but then I saw his street. I turned & asked my sister if she was ready. She asked me if she should change the disc to the digital camera. I told her that she should. She changed it & I started to tease, "That could be Johnny Depp's house."

I said that to almost every house & then added that the first thing we would see at the top of the hill would be Morrissey's car, the BMW. I saw the car & said, "Look there it is," not noticing that Morrissey was standing on his freaking steps. I looked at my sister & she had this look on her face. It is a look that will be embedded in my mind forever. I will never ever be able to describe it to save my own life. She says, "Oh my god!" then opens the door & I quickly tried to put my car into park mode. I lifted the brake & the car was still rolling backwards. I placed the car into 1st gear & it still rolled backwards. All of this happened in like 5 to 10 seconds. I told my sister to wait, that I needed to park the car. Yes, I know, Morrissey is standing like 10 to 15 feet away & I am worrying about my car being parked but it was ROLLING BACK. She got back in, shut the door & I proceeded to park Brown Thunder.

My window was opened halfway & Morrissey seemed to be moving. "Hi Steven," I say which to this day I regret saying but I wasn't sure if he was going inside his house or leaving or what. "Hello," he says back to me. My sister made fun of me for saying that. I am not too clear on what she said to me though. Now the car is parked but its not in the greatest parking job I had ever done. My sister gets out of the car way before me & begins to speak with him, "I came all the way from Houston & never thought that I would meet you." She extended her hand & said, "my name is Elizabet & it is an honor to meet you." He says, "Thank you." Then she begins to tell him how the reason why she met her (ex) husband was because of him & he stated that he had heard many stories from people like that. He asked if he (her ex-husband) was here with her. She then told him that she was here to visit me & then he turned to me. That is when I finally begin to talk.

I shook his hand & said, "It is a great honor to meet you." He said, "Pleasure," back to me & right as I thought of something to say, Morrissey points to a sticker on my driver's side fender. (This is where I took the first picture of him pointing. I was holding the digital camera in my hand & you cannot tell when pictures are being taken so he had no idea.) "That is a nice Sticker," Morrissey says as I turn around to see. It says MOZ in an oval, similar to the stickers that you see on cars with "GB" for Great Britain or "S" for Switzerland. "Oh, thanks, I had it specially made, I have several others," I continued, "some you may have seen before." He actually followed me around the to back of my car & he saw "www.theordinaryboy.com" on my back window. He chuckled when he saw it. "That is my website," I said. "That's wonderful," said Morrissey. I showed him my Union Jack next to my license plate & a Smiths sticker on the other side of the plate. "I am sure you have seen this one," I said, pointing at my "Powered By Morrissey" sticker on my trunk. He still seemed very interested so I continued, "I got that one at the convention last April. I flew from Houston to attend it." I showed him a red caricature of him, "Here I have a caricature of you." Morrissey placed his index finger on his chin resting on his mouth, looked closer & said, "Is that really me?" I did not know what to say. As I was going to show him the right fender, he asked if a sticker on my car door was relating to a barber shop. I said no, explaining that is was a skateboard company.

We began to walk back around drivers side of the car & I opened my trunk to see if I had any record sleeves or something nice for him to sign. I closed it & he asks where I live. "Santa Clarita, in Newhall," I answered. Morrissey said that he had heard of it. "It is sort of far from here," I continued.

Morrissey then asks if we listen to tapes or CDs in the car & asked if we had the albums. My sister replied with, "Yes we have all of Morrissey's albums, Morrissey. We were listening to them on the way here". Then she said, to him, "it's strange to say 'Morrissey' to Morrissey, Morrissey." This is where I reached into the car & pulled out Rhino's the best of MORRISSEY." (my sister & I think that he may have asked about the albums because he probably wanted to sign a sleeve.) When he saw the CD, he said "Oh, yes, that one is selling like hot cakes."

My sister begins to tell Morrissey about how either she saw him talking about it on MTV or she may have read in a magazine how he doesn't understand how he sells out concerts here in the states, but he's not a star or famous. And he says, "Did I really say that, that's terrible." This is the point in which I tell my sister to get next to him so that I could take a picture of them. My sister turns to Morrissey & says, "Do you mind?" And he says, "its quite alright." I take the picture then a Jeep Cherokee drives up & Morrissey waves to the driver. "Is that a neighbor?" I ask & and Morrissey says, "No actually that's who I was waiting for." Morrissey posed with me & I began to say that I had heard a rumored theory that when people go to see his house & really expect to see him, if his car is there, then you should just drive by & leave because if he were to come out, he could be leaving therefore he might not have time to hang out as he might have plans. And whereas if his car is not there you should wait because then he is coming home to be at home. Then Morrissey says, "It makes sense, doesn't it". After the picture, I asked if he would sign autographs for the each of us & he kindly did on two halves of a mailing envelope I had torn in two. I begin to tell him how I had actually perfected his autograph, "Yeah there are a lot of fakes out there." He said and I said something about how I had emailed a seller on eBay once about how fake the autographed photo he was selling was and never got a reply back.

After he signs the autographs my sister says, "Well, since your ride is here, we should leave," while extending her hand to him once more. "It was truly a pleasure meeting you," she said. I shook his hand again saying it was a true honor. Morrissey replied to the both of us with, "oh, you'd act the same way f it were Weezer." He must have seen the =W= on my windshield. I did not even hear this part but my sister noticed that the person in the Jeep had their gas cap open & she walked over to the window & told the female driver (who I think looked like Jo Slee) that it was open & hanging out. Morrissey, walking around the Jeep to get in, heard her saying that to the driver & he laughed, getting out & went back around to close it for her.

Then she gets in my car, who seemed to have passed a Morrissey test, & said "We have to leave RIGHT NOW." She tells me to be careful to not hit the Jeep but my car, which was never really parked right to begin with was now rolling forward, towards Morrissey's car. She said that she was going to freak out if we did not leave right then & there. I did my best to not hit the Jeep or his car & then we drive down his street & they drove right behind us. My sister then began to cry, just like when you see people crying for Michael Jackson & you think they are total idiots. She called her husband & told him that she met Morrissey. He thought something had happened to her because she was hysterical. We both then called everyone else we knew to tell them that we met Morrissey. Were you called?

Somewhere within this event, which lasted from 11:58am until about 12:06pm, Morrissey commented on how my car is "loud" or "noisy." "The noisy car" sounds right in my head. My car, Brown Thunder has a manual transmission & I went all the way up his street in 1st gear so that I could actually make it all the way up so it was very loud. Somewhere else, my sister told Morrissey that her (ex)husband would be very jealous to hear that she met him, stating that he used to have "the hair" & everything & I said, "it's true, it was amazing." But I am not to sure when that was said.

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